Monday, June 13, 2011

New Tools Open Doors to More Recurring Revenue and Higher Profitability

Odds are, if you're not already selling recurring services to build your business, you're working on ways to add them to your catalog. And even if yo'ure already offering a slate of services, you're probably looking for new and better solutions to offer your clients. Either way, this educational webinar is for you!

Please register now to join Level Platform's Jeff Dryall and Autotask's Steve Noel on Tuesday, June 14 at 1 PM ET for a valuable one-hour session on how you can use Managed Workplace 2011 and Autotask together to create and deliver high-margin recurring services while you reduce your service costs and increase client satisfaction.

You'll learn how you can:
  • Better evaluate managed services opportunities
  • Leverage managed services to increase your value to existing clients - and attract new ones
  • Centrally monitor and manage services for all of your SMB clients
  • Use new features including enhanced scripting and automated task management to streamline workflow
  • Manage, implement, track and bill everything - seamlessly - from a single, cloud-based platform
Register now!

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