Monday, January 30, 2012

Top Considerations Before Designing Your Managed Service Packages

Are you looking to implement new managed services and make more money in 2012? In this one-hour webinar, industry professionals talk about how to build a successful migration strategy for your customers!

On Wednesday, February 8 at 11:00 AM US ET, join Stefanie Hammond, Senior Partner Development Specialist of N-able Technologies and Len DiCostanzo, Senior VP Community & Business Development of Autotask as they share their insights on the importance of understanding the needs of your target customer when developing your managed services programs. This seminar will also review the different types of programs that exist on the Program Development spectrum and discuss the typical core and optional features that MSPs include in their various program packages.

In this session you'll learn:
  • The different types of Managed Service offerings in the marketplace from a la carte to Fully Managed.
  • What you need to ensure you are ready to go to market.
  • Common features and elements that are included, optional, or excluded from service offerings.
This webinar is ideal for:
  • Any service provider that is currently living in a break/fix world and is tired of the constant fire-fighting that T&M work brings! This webinar will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to evolve your business out of the traditional break/fix model and provide key strategies on how to move into the Managed Services space.
  • Any young MSP that is relatively new to the MSP space and is struggling on how to best design their Managed Services practice.
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CompTIA Quick Start to Virtualization

Virtualization has become a critical component of many IT strategies and is a foundational technology in cloud computing.

Please register for this webcast on Tuesday, February 7 at 1 PM US ET to understand this underlying element of the cloud. Terry Hedden, Founder & CEO of Infinity Technology Solutions and Rich Akullian, Online Marketing Producer of Autotask, will present on helping firms better address issues such as cost structure and security.

In addition to learning how virtualization works and the benefits and issues, Terry will review how you can get started including:
  • understanding your workloads
  • building the business case
  • training your staff
  • examining IT policies and plans
  • starting small
  • monitoring and adjusting as needed
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Streamline Your Billing with the Autotask - FreshBooks Integration

Autotask is pleased to announce its newest integration with FreshBooks - the SaaS-based online billing and invoicing software!

If you're looking to shorten the billing cycle and invoice your IT products and services online, join this webinar on Thursday, January 12 at 1 PM US ET to hear our featured panel give an introductory overview of Autotask and FreshBooks working together! There will also be time for an interactive Q&A period with the speakers.

Key features of this integration give users the ability to:
  • Seamlessly export Autotask invoices to FreshBooks
  • Automatically update Autotask account information in FreshBooks
  • Automatically create Autotask billing items in FreshBooks
  • Automatically update FreshBooks invoice numbers in Autotask
  • Invoice customers and accept payment online
  • Create payment notifications and reminders
  • Synchronize an unlimited number of Autotask-to-FreshBooks customers and transactions
“Businesses shouldn’t have to spend hours each month manually synchronizing data across multiple cloud applications,” says Steve Mendoza, co-founder of itDuzzit.

“The Autotask FreshBooks integration demonstrates how itDuzzit can automate the integration process and help companies save time, save money, and get the most out of their cloud applications."

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Boost Your Efficiency, Predictability and Profitability

Please Note: This webinar will be broadcast at 11 AM Sydney, AU time.

Sponsored by N-able Technologies:

You are invited to this introductory webinar to learn about improving your business's efficiency, predictability and profitability. Please join us to see how Autotask can help you grow in 2012!

Next Wednesday, January 11 at 11 AM AU EDT, Adam Ross, Regional Sales Manager for Autotask, and Nathan Franks, Director & Principal Consultant for Dynamic Business Technologies will take you through a month in the life of a new IT services client.

In this insightful hour, you'll see how IT business management & remote monitoring software can help you better manage all the stages of the client lifecycle, including:
  • Sales & Opportunity Management
    creating a lead, opportunity and quote, then winning and closing the opportunity
  • Contracts & Service Desk
    creating a contract and completing associated service tickets
  • Billing & Invoicing
    check timesheets, generate and send invoices, monitor client contract values
  • Client-Facing Reporting
    provide clients visibility into past tickets and alert issues, and SLA performance
  • Internal Reporting
    allow management to mine business intelligence such as profitability and staff utilisation
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Integration: Autotask & Cisco OnPlus Service

Are you looking to streamline the monitoring of your clients' networks and networked devices and the proactive management of issue alerts and service tickets?

Autotask and Cisco have a solution!

The Cisco OnPlus Service integrates with Autotask's Service Desk module to alert partners about ongoing issues happening on their clients' networks. OnPlus automatically opens service tickets based on occurring events, assigns them to a dedicated queue in Autotask, and notifies the pre-determined resource.

To learn how this can provide enhanced value in your managed services practice, join this webinar for an introductory overview of Autotask's IT business management software, the Cisco OnPlus Service, and a brief walk-through of the integration.

Featured speakers include: Len DiCostanzo, Autotask SVP of Community & Business Development; Efrat Noy, Cisco Product Manager; and Lisa Jenkins, Cisco Business Development Manager.

Mark your calendars and register now for Thursday, January 26 at 1 PM US ET!

Transform Your Business with a Hybrid IT Services Catalog

Sponsored by N-able Technologies:

Years ago, it was easy enough to deliver break/fix services: you received a call from a distressed client and quickly went to work diagnosing and mediating the issue. Then as your business matured, you probably added professional services to your offerings, but perhaps it wasn't enough to sustain client satisfaction and your business's profitability.

Within the last decade, the industry trend to managed services forced you to re-examine your operations and business model. And just when you mastered that challenge, the buzz around cloud services exploded and further complicated the service delivery landscape.

Are you now wondering what could be next?

You're invited to listen to an insightful presentation led by Len DiCostanzo, Autotask SVP of Community & Business Development on Tuesday, January 10 at 1 PM US ET. In this hour, Len will guide you through building a profitable IT services catalog to use to transform your business.
Learn how to organize the products and services you deliver now, and how to incorporate cloud services into your current offerings. Len will share:
  • Industry best practices and standards to transform your business
  • Methodologies to define services categories in your hybrid catalog
  • Where the 'cloud' fits in your catalog strategy
  • Why balancing product sales and services drives profitability and revenue
  • Determining your balance with a vertical focus using solution sets
  • How to align your catalog with the four critical stages to securing a client for life
  • How an à la carte menu makes it easy for clients to buy from you
  • How automating catalog sales reduces costs, increases profits
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