Thursday, October 11, 2012

Top 7 Ways to Retain Customers & Increase Revenue with Autotask

For many companies it is easy to fall into complacency when times are good; everything is under control, there are effective systems in place, great staff and a booming customer base. However, the most successful organizations are always looking for the next opportunity to make business even better. 

Resting on your laurels could put your existing customer base at risk, and you’re less likely to attract new business. Worse still, your current customers may even start to drift away, attracted by the latest offerings from competitors.  

We’ve outlined the top seven tactics you can take to maximize your existing staff and services to retain customers and increase revenue:

1. Find out what your customers like and dislike

Obtain timely, actionable feedback on your products and services through immediate and on-going customer surveys, integrated with your business management software and processes. Make surveys a regular, automated function. 

2. Use your findings to improve customer retention

Customer satisfaction research from surveys can be used as a proactive tool for managing customer relations. In other words, make sure you make use of your findings and act upon any feedback you receive. Your customers will feel listened to and looked after which will help build loyalty and minimise attrition. 

3. Track, understand and communicate with your customers

Prospecting, contact management, sales process, quoting and opportunity management should be managed in one central business tool. Ensure effective, consistent communication with your base by giving all relevant parties in your organization easy access to all customer touch points.   

4. Analyze and upsell

Data is power. You have intimate understanding of your customers’ IT resources and can proactively manage them by simply analyzing what they have currently, identifying what needs updating and compiling a proposal for them. Better yet, become their strategic partner and help them map out their future needs based on their growth plans. 

5. Stay in touch

Rely on your CRM to ensure you never leave an account too long without paying them a face-to-face visit, or giving them a call just to catch up. Regular communication builds lasting impressions and can open up new opportunities. 

6. Be aware of buying cycles

Target customers when you know they have money to spend, at the end or at the beginning of their financial year for example.  Timely targeting can easily be managed in a comprehensive business management system.

7. Remind customers of everything you offer

Does your website clearly show all your products and services? Do you have brochures and product sheets to leave behind after meetings?  Are your sales teams well versed in everything you can offer?


1. Comprehensive, fully integrated Customer Relationship Management

Autotask’s CRM module includes everything you need to build and understand your client base; including tools for prospecting, contact management, sales force automation, quoting and opportunity management - even an integrated survey engine and benchmarking tools. You have a 360-degree view of everything for each client including to-dos, notes, sales opportunities, individual contacts at the company, service tickets, configurations on their installed assets, account billing information, and attachments such as contracts, proposals, and more.

Everything is completely integrated. That means that once your prospects become customers, you continue to work out of the same system to service, support, manage and grow them. From right inside the same account screen you have complete and real-time access to all customer information. 

2. Surveys & Benchmarking

Autotask’s built-in Survey and Benchmarking features are a great way to monitor customer satisfaction in real-time, improve service delivery, maximize customer retention and win new business. Since customer ratings are immediately available in the Accounts and Contacts views, you get instant visibility where you need it most. 

And, our opt-in, service benchmarking program leverages the huge Autotask user base so you can compare your performance – anonymously – with similar service providers and make adjustments or adopt best practices as needed to improve your business. So you can see how your peers are getting on, to make sure your services are up to scratch. 

Once you have the automation tools, the building blocks are in place to retain customers and increase revenue. The motivation is then up to you…

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