Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Transform Your Business With A Hybrid IT Services Catalog

Years ago, it was easy enough to deliver break/fix services: you received a call from a distressed client and quickly went to work diagnosing and mediating the issue. Then as your business matured, you probably added professional services to your offerings, but perhaps it wasn't enough to sustain client satisfaction and your business's profitability.

Within the last decade, the industry trend to managed services forced you to re-examine your operations and business model. And just when you mastered that challenge, the buzz around cloud services exploded and further complicated the service delivery landscape.

Are you now wondering what could be next?

You're invited to listen to an insightful hour led by Len DiCostanzo, Autotask SVP of Community & Business Development and Julian Lee, Technoplanet CEO. In this hour, Len & Julian will guide you through building a profitable IT services catalog to use to transform your business.

Learn how to organize the products and services you deliver now, and how to incorporate cloud services into your current offerings. Len and Julian will share:
  • Industry best practices and standards to transform your business
  • Methodologies to define services categories in your hybrid catalog
  • Where the 'cloud' fits in your catalog strategy
  • Why balancing product sales and services drives profitability and revenue
  • Determining your balance with a vertical focus using solution sets
  • How to align your catalog with the four critical stages to securing a client for life
  • How an à la carte menu makes it easy for clients to buy from you
  • How automating catalog sales reduces costs, increases profits

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