Thursday, February 9, 2012

Overcoming Road Blocks in the IT Sales Cycle

When most technology solution business owners first open their doors, they often don't think about the many potential marketing hurdles potentially blocking their path to success.

However when these obstacles do arise, most entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves and go to work trying to devise a way forward.

Well then what could ever stop these extremely ambitious IT professionals in their tracks? A well-known phrase is 'you can be your own worst enemy'. It's possible you might inadvertently be creating some self-inflicted marketing challenges!

To find out the top five most common roadblocks technology firms impose on themselves, register now for this upcoming webinar on Tuesday, February 14 at 1 PM US ET!

Join John Black of MSP Telemarketing as he reveals several marketing 'patches' that can be applied to your current marketing campaigns. Rich Akullian of Autotask will also present on how to use the Autotask CRM to track your relationships better with an integrated IT business management platform.

Register now!

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