Monday, July 9, 2012

Run Your IT Business like You're Going to Sell It: Maximize Profit Now and Build Business Value for the Future

Do any of these topics come into your mind regarding your IT business on a daily basis?
  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Insurance
  • Stability
  • Retirement/Moving On
Unless your business is really a hobby and you don't need the money, it's impossible not to have at least two of these items on your mind every day. When you own a business, these topics are what operating that business is all about.

Whether you plan on selling your business ever or never, setting your business up as if you were going to sell in the near future is the best way to maximize your personal income now. As a result you can actually have something of value to sell should you choose to, need to or have the opportunity come knocking on your door.

Register now and join Autotask’s Len DiCostanzo and Cogent Growth Partners' George Sierchio for an informative session on July 17th at 1PM EST to learn:
  • All the right reasons for running your business as if you want to someday sell it
  • Possible exit strategies available as an IT business owner and how they differ
  • How to maximize your business value and profitability to you and to a future buyer
  • Why planning/preparing to sell is a self made insurance policy
  • What positives can happen now as a result of structuring your business for a future sale
  • How Autotask’s IT Business Management solution can help you maximimize profit now and build business value  for the future.

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