Monday, December 5, 2011

Learn to Hire The Best and Avoid The Rest

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You are systematic with technology, accounting, and possibly sales. Why not with your employees? The starting point is to adopt a proven, 10-step hiring system to improve the way you find, qualify, hire, and onboard superstar employees. The Success With People HIRE THE BEST AVOID THE REST system is your solution. Here is what you will learn in this interactive webinar on Tuesday, December 20 at 1 PM US ET:
  1. Systematic Power: Why a complete system is more effective than your current method of hiring.
  2. Team Member Strategic Plans: How to create “job descriptions on steroids” that convince great candidates to work for you.
  3. Recruiting: Five ways to find top performers that are not considering your company today.
  4. Interviewing: 15 Tips to fully interview people so you don’t hire Dr. Jekyll and get Mr. Hyde.
  5. Talent Assessments: How to really understand someone’s natural behaviors and motivational values on the job.
  6. Background Checks: Six facts you must know before hiring anyone and why.
  7. Reference Checks: Seven questions that get people to open up when checking references.
  8. Extend The Offer: Eight ways to extend an offer that convinces top performers to join your team.
  9. First Day: More than 10 ways to make your new employee’s first day on the job more productive, profitable, and personal fulfilling.
  10. Never Stop Selling: What you can do to systematically keep new hires fully engaged as time passes.
One idea that helps you hire just one employee is worth $10,000 or more. This hiring system is probably worth millions if you hire dozens of people over the next ten years because this event is a 10-step proven hiring system with dozens of ideas. For many of you this is the most important webinar you will attend this year.

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