Monday, November 14, 2011

Autotask Announces Integration with FreshBooks’ Online Billing and Invoicing Software

Seamless Integration Allows End-to-End IT Business Management in the Cloud
Autotask Corporation today announced an integration between its SaaS-based IT business management solution and FreshBooks’ SaaS-based online billing and invoicing software. The integration, developed by Chicago-based itDuzzit™, allows Autotask users to significantly streamline the invoicing process by exporting billing items and information directly into FreshBooks and invoicing their products and services online. The FreshBooks integration also allows users to accept online payment by credit card, e-checks, bank transfer or PayPal®, further shortening the billing cycle.
The integration was developed using the Autotask and FreshBooks application programming interfaces (APIs) and will allow users to:
  • Seamlessly export Autotask invoices to FreshBooks
  • Automatically update Autotask account information in FreshBooks
  • Automatically create Autotask billing items in FreshBooks
  • Automatically update FreshBooks invoice numbers in Autotask
  • Invoice customers and accept payment online
  • Create payment notifications and reminders
  • Synchronize an unlimited number of Autotask-to-FreshBooks customers and transactions
“It is mission-critical that our clients are able to choose the tools and systems they use to work with their customers and to run their businesses. That is why we continue to develop our world-class API and why we are committed to making sure Autotask is an open platform for our users,” said Len DiCostanzo, Autotask senior vice-president of community and business development. “This project is a direct result of requests from our joint users and we are very excited to have the FreshBooks integration available for Autotask clients around the world.”

"Successful IT service companies manage their businesses with Autotask,” said Sunir Shah, Chief Handshaker and Head of the Platform at FreshBooks. “Billing with FreshBooks allows those Autotask users to streamline their invoicing processes while making the money they deserve from their valuable time and expertise.”

“Businesses shouldn’t have to spend hours each month manually synchronizing data across multiple cloud applications,” said Steve Mendoza, co-founder of itDuzzit. “The Autotask FreshBooks integration demonstrates how itDuzzit can automate the integration process and help companies save time, save money, and get the most out of their cloud applications.”

Autotask users interested in the Autotask-to-FreshBooks integration can find more information and sign up for a 7-day free trial by visiting


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